General Information of Amphoe Mueang Suphanburi

Slogan of the Province  

The city of war elephants           

The occurrence of well-known literature

A large number of small Buddha images              

Cultivate an abundance of agricultural products

The constructs of ancestral history                      

The creativity of scholars and artists

The sweet sounding of charming vernacular


Slogan of Amphoe Mueang Suphanburi

                                    The power of Luang Pho To spreads over

The literature of Khun Chang Khun Phaen

The land of powdered Buddha Images

The place of Sanam Chai Archaeological Site

The delight of Suphanburi shrine of the city-god

The Well-known hot Snakeskin gourami of Don Kamyan

The Famous Banhan Tower stands steadily

There are plenty of fish at Wat Phra Non

The heavenly dragon of Mueang Suphanburi


The District Office’s Address:  Phra Phanwasa Road, Tambon Tha Philiang, Amphoe Mueang

                                                   Suphanburi, Suphanburi Province

Telephone Number:                   03-5525-8824 Ext. 101

Fax Number:                              03-5525-8824 Ext. 105, 106



General Information 

The Origin of Amphoe Mueang Suphanburi

Amphoe Mueang Suphanburi, an ancient city (as seen from the ruined ancient wall),              was formerly located in the west of Tha Chin River in Tambon Rua Yai (formerly called “Sankhwaeng Tha Philiang”). Then, after the relocation of Tambon Rua Yai to the west of Tha Chin River at the area beside Wat Chedi Yot Lek (presently, the location of Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited), the name was changed to “Amphoe Tha Philiang” after the former name of the subdistrict. According to the folk sayings in The Tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen,        the house of Nang Sai Thong (a nursemaid of Nang Phim Philalai) was situated in this area at the waterside in front of the district office; the villagers therefore called this area “Ban Tha Philiang”. Additionally, another folk sayings mentioned that the name “Tha Philiang” originated from the status of Mueang Suphanburi as a supplier of victuals to Ayutthaya during the Siamese – Burmese war; at Tambon Tha Philiang located a number of barns in the area  from Wat Suwannaphum to the new municipal fresh market (at the present) in Amphoe Mueang Suphanburi. Generally, sufficient amounts of rice must remain in the barns as to supply the capital city; hence, local people called the area “Ban Tha Philiang”. In 2480 B.E., the government had changed the name of every districts located in the area of the town hall to “Amphoe Mueang”; Amphoe Tha Philiang was officially named “Amphoe Mueang Suphanburi” since then. After that, in 2516 B.E., there was a relocation of Meaung Suphanburi District Office by Mr. Banchong Roeksamran (a District Chief Officer at that time) from Chedi Yot Lek (which was a small area) to the area located between Suphanburi Provincial Court and Sa-nguan Ying School (presently, the location of Suphanburi Provincial Administrative Organization). In 2552 B.E., the district office relocated to the area of the old town hall beside Phra Phanwasa Road (presently, the town hall is located in Suphan Buri Government Administrative Center, Tambon Sanam Chai, Chainat-Bang Bua Thong Road).