Ban Kao National Museum 

History of Ban Kao National Museum


Tambon Ban Kao is a small community located on the bank of Kwai Noi River in Amphoe Mueang. Situated in the northern part about 35 kilometers away from Amphoe Mueang, the community is a historical subdistrict of great importance since one of            the prisoners of war, who was forced to build the railway, named “Dr. Van Hicderen” from Holland found a number of Stone Age toolsin this area. Dr. Van collected ancient itemsand published his findings on media after he was freed. At the present, several archeologists, anthropologists, paleontologists, geologists, and other occupations from Thailand and foreign countries have performed a number of explorations and studies on the origin of Ban Kao community since 2503 B.E. The findings reveal the fact that the origin of this community dates back to 500,000 years ago; prehistoric people lived around this area. As the matter of fact, Ban Kao community has become popular among historians and archeologists. Then, the Fine Arts Department established the museum in order to collect and to display the discovered archeological items and antiquities to tourists and general public who are interested in history.  


General Information of Ban Kao National Museum


The Ban Kao National Museum, a small-sized museum, was established to collect a number of antiquities discovered around Ban Kao community. The museum displays the Stone Age bones of prehistoric people placing on a platform that lies underground at the level as they were firstly discovered. Besides, other prehistoric tools such as Khwan Fa (stone axe), accessories made of shells, earthenware, and other items, are also displayed at the museum.    




Passengers get off the train at Ban Kao Train Station and then take a motorcycle taxi to the museum. Or, get off the train at Tha Ta Suea Train Station, and then walk up the street about 2 kilometers to Wat Tha Po, the museum is very close to the temple. Traveling by car or bus is the most convenient way; a Kanchanaburi – Lumsum bus takes about only an hour to the museum.